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Ladies Of Jazz - Who are they


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I began to really listen with interest to jazz about 8 years ago. And have really enjoyed the 70s and up releases.


I recently ran across a mono DECCA of Ella Fitzgerald "Sweet an Hot". Great music, Came out in 1955. 


Next was a Julie London "Send For Me". Wow, she could sing to me anytime.


There were a few others that I cannot seem to remember, but very few.


These Ladies were of the 40, 50 and early 60s. But I know there must have been many more.


Would the Jazz lovers in the forum add female jazz singer names to this list, primarily from that era?


So when I see them for a buck somewhere, I'll know to take them home for a spin. I am not looking for any research done for this question, but if a name comes to mind, then please take a moment to add it to this thread.


There is so much about the lady jazz singers that I do not know, but want to know and hear.






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I was gonna say Sarah Vaughan (nicknamed "sailor" and "The Divine One", who was almost unbelievable), but I found this link on Wikipedia that might help: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:American_female_jazz_singers


Others on that list that come to mind include: Dinah Washington, Peggy Lee, and Billie Holliday ("Lady Day").

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Helen Humes "Songs I like to Sing" sounds incredible, comes off a clean master.  Nancy Wilson, Abby Lincoln, Flora Purim, Helen Merrill, June Christy, Annie Ross, Astrud Gilberto, Blossom Dearie besides those named above. I enjoy them all. Check out some Big Mama Thornton videos on youtube sometime. 

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