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Sold. Moderator can delete.


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I'll buy them.

PM sent.



They never sold.  I'm just going to keep them, store them away and try again if the market for them ever re-bounds.

I thought he said he would take them?


He posted this, messaged me the same with phone number.  He requested to leave a message if he didn't answer.  Which I did.  I also sent him a private message.  He did finally respond, but wanted to have a shipping company move them to MA.  Backed out when shipping quote was more than the speaker cost. 

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Re-listed at $1500 for forum members or trade for KLF series/turntables.  Pick-up only.

I added a link in the original post of some close up photos I took of the flaws.  I've seen ones in a lot worse shape go for more money.

Listed on my local Craigslist for $1600.

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Guest Steven1963

Holy Crap somebody buys these!  I can't believe so many 'pm sent' messages in one thread for Klipschorns and they are still on the market AND at such a great price!

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I do have the KLF-30's but a little to far to drive....................................


so your saying chicago to toledo is to far to drive



Shoot, I'm glad I didn't realize I've been driving too far. :emotion-14:


I'm sure my drives are not near the furtherst drive by a member on the forum, but my longest drives have been from Connecticut to Chicago, CT to Grand Rapids, CT to Indianapolis, CT to DC and CT to Montreal all realted to picking up audio gear that was problematic to ship.  The CT to Boston trip can be done in my sleep now.   :wacko2:


The cost of the Enterprise van, gas, tolls, etc. cannot compare to the value of audio bliss I'm experiencing..... :emotion-29:  :emotion-29:  :emotion-29:


On a side note, I've made an audio purchase from Fleawatt (excellent transaction and no problems for an XA 30.5) in the past through another forum and was actually dissapointed that I had to have him ship the item, mostly because I couldn't fit a drive into my schedule at that time to pick up as I really wanted to make a stop at Myles Pizza in Bowling Green for what I consider some of the best local pizza in the area. :emotion-22:  :emotion-14:

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