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Dual R-115SW and WA-2 wireless "burping"


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Got my 7.2 system set up <huuuge grin>, and am experiencing an interesting behavior

of my dual R-115SW with the signal being delivered via the wireless WA-2 subwoofer kits.

Every now and then, when nothing is playing, I'll hear a strange and very low "burping"

(perhaps 3 or 4 short bursts of low frequency blips in rapid succession and then nothing).


I'm wondering if it's because of the frequency spectrum used by the WA-2's.  2.4GHz is

pretty busy in my area.  I enjoy the convenience of the wireless adapters for the subs.


For now, I just turn off the subs when not in use.


Anyone else have this experience?


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No. Try cables to eliminate the problem. I'm a very firm believer is wireless being cool but it's not for everything. And to me anything to do with speakers or wireless hdmi for some newer projectors is stupid for this very reason. Interference. I would be very upset if I had spent the money you spent on those two subs and wireless kit just for my subs to sit around and belch at me without saying excuse me.

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From the cut sheet:




2.4 GHz OPERATION WITH DYNAMIC CHANNEL SELECTION: The wireless signal transmits flawlessly within a 50’(15m) radius using an advanced automatic channel selection technology. Even if you have a wireless network or wireless phone system, the WA-2 wireless subwoofer kit does not interfere with, nor has interference from, any other wireless systems in your home.


Up to 4 WA-2s can be used simultaneously in an average size household


Probably cell phones other wireless (802.11).  From the same source as the figure below it (ARRL):






Note 3:  Broadband segment may be used for any combination of high-speed data (e.g., 802.11 protocols), Amateur Television and other high-bandwidth activities.  Division into channels and/or separation of uses within this segment may be done regionally based on needs and usage.


That problem you state shouldn't be interference from other WA-2s or even other 2.4GHz devices in the area (unless very high power microwaves in nearby bands - ).


I'd also try turning off your wireless modems/routers to see if that solves the mystery.


I'd also recommend looking at any inputs that you may have to your A/V preamp or receiver that may be asynchronously dumping low frequency info. What kind of input devices do you use?  Are there any computers or mp3 players? 



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I have this same exact setup, also using the wireless kits, mainly so I could freely move them around and experiment. They don't do what you say, but, they interfere with my wireless router. I have to separate the transmitter away from my router or else my router simply won't work at all. Otherwise they work fine. I live out in the country though, if there's any interference it would probably be from something I have control of.

The only things I don't like at all is that there seems to be a threshold on how much of a signal turns them on. For example running Audessey when you're trying to set it at 75 db, that's not enough signal to turn them on, they just sat there at least at first, I turned them on manually. I just don't know for sure if that's the subs or the wireless. Also I wish you could use one transmitter for two receivers but that's not a big deal.

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Really appreciate the feedback and ideas.  I'm gonna try hard lining the subs to see if I can eliminate any of the audio components as the source of the problems.

I do play audio from my computer from time to time to the AV receiver via an ASUS Xonar U7.  Hopefully this experiment will point to wireless interference rather

than the music sources.


Metropolis, I too have experienced the sub threshold behavior.  I'll have to run tests to see when they are silent or not.


Thanks again everyone for the support.

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