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3 Hibachi Mono Block Amplifiers 850.00


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I have Three of these with RCA's in and out I used the 3rd one for a center channel. These are the XXXX modal I am the fist owner and got them on sale for 1850 for the three.

Asking 850.00 I will try and figure out how to do pics tonight. EC ++/NR Mint


I need to check the model number these were three of last built. Has RCA's two in two out and they do have the volume out knob. 


Please check the review at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for looking, 





High Power Tube Amp Sound Without Tubes! 
Deep Gloss Black Hibachi Style Floor Enclosures
Designed for a Lifetime of Pure Enjoyment
$1999-Pair List Price Sound Quality to Compare
Over 700 Hibachi amps are in use around the USA
Produced 2008-2011

Hibachi amps are built with discrete transistors. A class A/B design with a twist - near zero feedback is finally achieved in a solid state design with sideline out of audio path DC nullification circuitry. This new feedback technology reveals recorded harmonic information like tubes. Each balanced pair stage is directly wired without coupling caps for outstanding perfect phase clarity. An enormous high current 8-pound hum free pure copper toroidal power transformer feeds an extra large filter cap bank to promote high speed bass current capability. Hibachi amps reveal ear pleasing tube amp 2nd order harmonic content other solid state amps by design can not play. 205 Watts with 4-Ohm speakers, 180W with 8-Ohm speakers. This powerhouse pair is made to deliver the best possible sound from speakers rated above 85db/1-Watt. 2-Ohm to 24-Ohm impedance, efficient horns to low impedance fluctuating electrostatic panels are a great match. Beautiful deep clear coat piano black enclosures have removable rubber isolation feet. Place on the floor near speakers or in your audio rack, horizontal or vertical. They run warm to the touch, make sure the cooling fins have access open air space - cranked up cooling fins will become hot to the touch but not sizzling hot. Have it all: Bass kicking solid state with live in the room high definition midrange imagery. Over 350 pairs are plugged in and singing around the country. A very satisfying ear pleasing pair of amps with a proven track record. Perhaps the best sounding pair of solid state mono blocks you can buy. Google TAD 125 and read the reviews for yourself, you'll find many people are very pleased with these amps.

Hibachi: Palin Jane, H2 & H2SE Models SPECS & DETAILS

·  Class A-B Transistor, 205W RMS Clean into 4-Ohm speakers, 180W RMS into 8-Ohm Speakers

·  Best with speakers rated over 85db, 2-Ohm to 24-Ohm

·  Perfectly Flat Frequency Response 5Hz-50kHz, -3db 2Hz-200kHz

·  Cutting Edge Design without feedback reveals recorded harmonic structures like a tube amplifier while maintaining solid state bass capabilities

·  Features Soft Clipping like tube amps

·  NO Coupling Caps, Directly Connected Part To Part for Zero Loss in Detail, Zero Phase Shift Blur

·  0.7V-RMS input for full power (normal CD player line level output drives them full blast)

·  Easy to drive 46k Input Impedance

·  Small volume knob (No volume control H2SE) on each amp to adjust the input sensitivity to match oddball high gain preamps

·  Hibachi-II's have External Access Speaker Protection Fuses (Inside fuse holder on H2SE) Supplied with 4-Amp speaker fuses for 200W rated speakers, Use 3-Amp speaker fuses to protect <200W speakers

·  17 Pounds Each Block

·  13-1/2" x 11" x 9" Tall to top of binding posts

·  Giant toroidal high current 8-pound power transformer with vacuum tube line filter and huge film bypassed filter cap array

·  Self test power up: Red light speaker stays disconnected for 2-seconds then relay clicks to Green light

·  Draws very light current idling silent (12-watts), <1mV ripple hum, for convenience can be left on - read next line

·  A Power Conditioner with relay disconnect surge protection is highly recommended to protect your valuable audio equipment

·  Large WBT Style gold 5-way speaker wire binding posts accept all raw wire gauges, large spades and banana plugs

·  Versatile high quality 4-Way Solid Nickel RCA Input jacks (Single Gold RCA on H2SE - no extra jacks): Use one RCA for the normal mono block input. Extra Jacks have many purposes. You can combine L & R preamp signals on the amplifier using 2 RCA jacks to make a Mono center speaker amplifier. Has 2 more RCA jacks to easily daisy chain connect another amp for bi-amp capable speakers. Can use the extra jacks for Home Theater: Connect your HT processor front L-R and your 2-chan music preamp L-R outputs to each amplifier at the same time - has a unique TAD designed isolation network on the RCA jacks. Extra RCA jacks are ideal for connecting signal to a powered subwoofer too.


Google turned up this review. There are many more out there. Google TAD-125



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I'm in north west Chicago.


No you can't cook on them they barley get warm.


Two are perfect on has a tiny chip see dime photo.


Still not sure on modal.  says series 2007A TAD-125  I believe they are H2SE the other modal only had two RCA's 


Can not post pics here?? so this is a temp photo link.






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Forgot to mention I talked to Paul at the time of purchase and he STRONGLY recommends using a tube pre-amp with these to achieve best performance. 



Hey New, things are going well, I got my TAD-60 back and I'm looking for new tubes, that's whats behind this sale. I would like to hang on to them it's just to close to that time of the year cash gets tight. I was just in your area this summer for Abarth track day at the Autobahn country club. What a great track if only I was closer.

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Just came across this review.  Don't know might need to hang on to them?


I don't use the term lightly. In fact, I don't recall ever using the term... as most of us are far too aware that while initial impressions may bring about such a strong emotional reaction, given time products tend to tip off the exalted alter.

These TAD Hibachi monos (which I purchased new for a VERY cheap price) are still dishing out major portions of fun and satisfaction.

I (as most of you) have tried many different expensive, "highly rated" amps over the years. Of all these amps, only two were what I considered "winners" over the long haul. A set of "Don Allen" 45 monos (2wpc) and these stupidly inexpensive TAD Hibachi monos.

I suppose if I weren't already semi-retired, I'd certainly be fired for never showing up to work as I'd be "stuck" in the listening chair enthralled with the MUSIC!

How a solid state amp (especially monos priced at 1/6th of what I've dished out for an interconnect cable in the past) can dish out so much "rightness," I don't know.

Tonally, it's on the warm side. Sounds a bit like an older Conrad Johnson tube amp I had, except MUCH clearer, "faster," and more accurate.

As a few others have commented, perhaps there may be a small amount of detail missing, however I could still hear all the glass "clinks," coughs, etc. on live recordings, fingers on the strings, sound of lips parting just before a singer begins, etc. I'm sure all of us have had amplifiers which amazed us with the detail - at first - then ended up like many others before, irritating us with the hyped detail. As we know, it's a VERY thin line amps, sources, speakers, etc. must walk. And it's that "line" in which the Hibachi's walk so well.

There comes a time in many of our "audiophile journeys" where we end up with VERY expensive gear, only to be "let down" as they didn't, perhaps, provide the joy in which we were sure they would. My journey has brought me full circle back to "real components" (relatively affordable).

If you're in the market (or even if your NOT in the market) for an amplifier, you should try these. The price is so insignificant in relation to what you get that it's almost embarrassing. Heck, at this price present these (instead of an APPLEarrow-10x10.png pie) to those neighbors who've just moved in. These are WINNERS. KEEPERS for sure!

All of the above gushing, and I'm in NO WAY affiliated with the company nor Paul himself (whom I've never even met). 

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Hi all - New to this forum, but not to TAD Hibachi amps.  Someone else please step in and keep me from buying these.  I'm tempted to grab them to have as backups since they won't be made any longer and only 800 were made to begin with.  I love my Hibachis!

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