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FS: Klipschorns & single Lascala

o0O Bill O0o

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Hey All, it was and upgrade summer for me!:music: $1500 for all. will not ship, unless you know a smart way. Will deliver as far as Phoenix or Santa Fe, located in El Paso, Texas. Klipschorns - I believe they were walnut but have been re-done in Zebrawood. c~1978. OEM and aftermarket (ALK ENG) crossovers. B+ Condition. Lascala- Single, Walnut, OEM crossover, c~1980. C Condition. Used as shown in pictures. I purchased a pair Walnut Red McIntosh XR100 and single LCR80 as replacements. While I was at it a C2500.:D:D:D 07E52A72-C951-4748-8F62-69BE25AD4987.JPGhttps://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-8ukn3QVHcZE/Tn-iUrncCrI/AAAAAAAAAKg/TMEOgVNAjzc/w640-h355-no/11%2B-%2B1 photo%2B1.JPGMC275.JPG

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I'm looking for some help on this. Is anyone able to check these out and help with shipping?






what do you need checked out ?      help with shipping in what way


if you posted your location

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