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Linn LP12 Turntable


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I think it's safe to say that MC is a lot bigger challenge to work into your system, since amplifying it to a workable level requires an extra stage of gain, by either transformer or added phono stage.  The advice above to avoid a high-gain MC is well-taken IMO, as these can have an opaque sound quality.  Mallette looked into this in depth and ended up with an Ortofon Black MM.  Others have gone to Denon or Zu, but selecting the extra phono stage requires experience and expertise


Good luck!

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No pressure! I have owned a few turntables but I hardly think that qualifies me as any sort of TT guru! Not to sound defensive, but there may have been a tad bit of sarcasm in that comment - which is fine with me!

I am big fan of VPIs as well. My first TT when I got back into this hobby was a VPI HW JR MK 111. A very fine TT that retailed for just under the cost of the Scout. I was actually eyeing the VPI classic before I bought my current table. Like I said before I dont have any experience with the Akito arm, nor do I have any experience with the VPI arms. I started with a rega tonearm and have stayed in the rega family since.


My point, not well articulated at all, is that both the Scout and the Linn are fine belt drive turntables. One is suspended and one is not. Different flavors no doubt.  Both are loved by their followers - and for good reason. My problem with Linn is the never-ending upgrade path - a great many of which are just downright silly! My feelings for the silliness of the upgrades are amplified by the ferocity of the Linn apologists.


Now back to the question at hand. I am familiar with the AES PH 1. If I recall they made a couple of versions. One had adjustable cartridge loading via a knob on the front. Does yours have that feature?  I am also assuming that you are not going to be using any sort of step up device/transformers. And then finally what is the budget?



My AES PH 1 does not have the adjustable cartridge loading.  I like the PH 1 and I don't want to get another Phono stage.  I will not be using a SUT so I prefer to keep it to MM only.  I am willing to spend up to $500 for the cartridge.  Thanks.

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The PH1 is a GREAT phono stage. A couple of carts that I would consider would be the Grado Platinum at $350.00 or if you want to bump you budget by a hundo the Grado Sonata (600.00)  A lot of it has to do with personal taste. For the money the Grado line and particularly the two mentioned are really good bang for the buck IMHO and I believe that they would be a good match for your linn.  If you do go the grado route, be sure to order the higher output versions as both come in either 0.5mv or 5.0 mv.




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