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Need help with my onkyo reciever and klipsch subwoofer


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Unfortunately, your receiver does not have an "RCA Sub Out".  I've never seen a speaker output on a receiver for a subwoofer. 

Take a look at the attached image from the KSW10 Manual.  It appears as if they are suggesting that you hook up two wires to the main speakers (one going to the sub input on the sub and one going to your main speakers).  I have never seen this setup before.  Someone else help clarify before you try this as I would think you would be increasing the resistance from an 8ohm load to a 4ohm load when you connect two speakers to one input.  Just seems like a bad way to setup as you do not have an actual dedicated LFE channel with that setup.




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Short answer is to follow the diagram that Youth linked from the manual.


Jim, if you did use a surround speaker output, you could really only listen in All Channel Stereo. If it was set to Dolby or other formating, the sub wouldn't get near as much information to process into lows, as their isn't near as much sound going over the surrounds as the LRC channels.


I'm afraid the better answer is it's time to upgrade your receiver. I had to bite the exact same bullet at one time. Bought a Pioneer VSX-1019AH and then figured out the benefits of a stand alone amplifier, and wanted one. The Pioneer didn't have pre-outs for an amp so I had to upgrade.


So IF you go that route, get one with at least 5.1 pre-outs, and maybe 7.2 if you really want to extend the life of your receiver, as your home theater expands. This bug is addictive and most of us always want more. Or just want to tinker....

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