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Cuban Cigars Anyone?


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Just like coffee, soil and climate have a lot to do with the finished product.

So does the species of plant... probably more than the difference between weather and soil. This is why Nicaragua is highly praised, its pretty much the same as cuba.

In the end, no one claims their cigars are cuban, just like tequila comes from tequila jalisco and champagne comez from that region in france... but they are just as good.

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My dad was a cigar smoker from the 1940's to around 2000. When he passed he had a stash of dozens of boxes. I used to get him Cuban's from a friend who traveled often. He told me not to pay too much because he felt the Dominican and Nicaraguan Cigars where better than the Cubans. From then on I bought him top notch Dominican cigars and he was much happier. He did however enjoy the fact that they were rare..


I think Kaiser ended up with many boxes of my dads cigars... I always hated the stinky things.

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First, let me explain where my opinion comes from, I have been smoking cigars for about 35 years (yes, I'm still alive). Like everything else, it's a very objective subject, so this is only my opinion, so don't get your panties in a wad.

List of my 5 Favorites

                   Fuente  -  Anejo, 55 Shark

                   AVO  -  Classic #3

                   Fuente  -  Hemingway Classic

                   Patron  -  1964, any size

                   Diamond Crown  -  Figurado #6


Just as honorable mention I will note that there a few Cuban's that are decent, Montecristo #3 and Partagas Lisatania(sp?)


That's my story and I'm sticking with it.



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