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one speaker has lower output?!?!?!?


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okay, so this is exactly klipsch related but i thought i could get some help here. i am awaiting moderator approval at the altec forums to be able to post the same question. I recently got some altec lansing model 14's. I'm noticing that one speaker has less output than the other and there seems to be very low bass response. so i......


checked connections 

checked for being out of phase ( the woofer was actually out of phase but when i switched it wasn't any louder )

switched the speaker connections going into the speakers

swapped the speakers to the other side ( still sounded lower in volume )

i also switched my mono blocks to the other speaker ( still same volume)



when i took out the crossover there was actually a note that appeared to be from a repair shop ( the altecs were reconed by the previous owner) that stated the the mf pot was damaged. i tested the pot and it was okay but the hf pot was actually dead. so i switched both pots with new ones but not any louder. but the hf control is working now.


at this point i was going to recap them. is this the next step or should i be checking for something else? there is a protection circuit in the crossover. what it be stuck "on" and be the source of the problem? there is a push button to test for overload but neither speaker lights up when press. hope someone here has run across something similar. thanks guys! 

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did you disconnect the high frequency on both and see if it's the woofer with the lower output? Or would you say it's the HF driver thats not putting out? Both woofers are the same right? I had a problem simular to this but it was because one was a 604E and the other was a 604C. Totally different cones totally different sound. Hopefully you get in over on the altec users board... Good bunch of people over there. :)

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thanks for the reply. so i should state that the speaker with lower output sounds proportionally lower. the horn and the woofer. good thought on the woofers. they looked very similar but ill check. did you just buy another matching woofer? i found a local place with some fast caps so i will get some tomorrow and just recap. i read that the protection circuit only works at very loud volumes, which makes sense. it was a bit too late to blast music to test in my apartment so that could be why it appeared not to be functioning. i tried at only lower volume. 

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thats a good idea. i actually just buttoned them up for a bit because i was starting to hate music just from testing these out. thats my next step though. i hooked up my heresys that i had just recapped but barely listened to since and am at least back in a musical place. 


The AL14's will make lovely speaker stands for the Heresy's.   :)

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