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Yaqin MS-20L Integrated $450


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I have for sale a lightly used (about 20 hours) Yaqin MS-20L integrated tube amp with remote for sale in excellent condition. The MS-20L will come with all original tubes, packaging, remote, and manual. One thing to note, I used a pair of RCA's that had a little too firm of grip on the connectors, and one of the gold plated connectors for AUX1 came a little loose on the back... It has been reattached, tested, and works fully, but worth noting.


This amp was my first tube gear, and I sure enjoyed it... It was used in a bedroom system which was rarely used at all. But it wasn't til about a month or so later I found a pair of Threshold Sa/6e monos and they sucked up all my listening sessions. 


I'm getting married in July and my fiance isn't too excited about my abundance of audio gear... So this is one of my units to go


Asking $450 (plus shipping)

Amp is located in Watertown, WI about half way between Madison and Milwaukee


I will post pictures when I can. I am currently away at school, but will be back in a couple weeks and can take pictures. If anyone would like to come see it locally, my father would be glad to show it to you. It can be auditioned on a pair of B&W 803N (less efficient for low-power tube gear), Upraded Klipsch Cornwall's, or Polk RTA-15TL's, 

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