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Klipsch KPT-456

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I need to get find a crossover for one of these. Any ideas where I could find a KP4.5A network?  Would this get the job done?


I'm pretty sure the guy I bought it from fried the K-1132 as well. Does anyone know where I could get a replacement diaphragm?

Heres a pic of it next to Forte II's. I'm going to use this in my garage.



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If all else fails Minidsp is pretty good, I have been using it for some time and have been happy with it. 



Thank you for the suggestion duder.




I think I have an extra pair.  Just moved so they are packed up somewhere.


Whenever you get a chance to find them that would be awesome. I'd much rather go with a passive crossover if for no other reason than active crossovers scare me.


If you would PM me tomorrow to remind me to look for them.  I'll go down to the basement tomorrow night.

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Small clinic here....


So the system has two XO.  An HF network that is complicated.  Would be hard to even run active on this.


And a simple LF network that is -12dB....two common parts only.


The end user typically would biamp with one amp to the top section with the HF 4.5 network and active on the bottom end with XO 650Hz.  The bottom end needs to EQ.  But the HF needs all kinds of EQ....so the HF passive XO is essential....very specific to that driver.

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I'm confused as you.  The networks I have are the KP4.5A....and the literature for the KP456 says the KP4.5A....but when you look at the schematic for the KP456 HF network......it is a way different network.


The KP450 I had was not the 1132.

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Here's the KP-456 HF but note the revision



attachicon.gifKP-456-HF B-1.pdf

Am I wrong in thinking the correct network for my HF section is a KP4.5A? The info came directly out of Klipsch literature.


I'd be thinking the same as you from the literature. I've never had the KP456 but did own the KP450's. Your thread made me curious to look at the schematics on both.......weird

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