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k33 cornwalls...


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For a while in my original CW I had some EVM15L while my woofers were getting reconed. That's about it. They go boom. 

Sorry Mike - when you say  For a while in my original CW I had some EVM15L - what was the sound like with  the EVM15L  for someone who likes hard rock in a CW1


Been way too long to comment on that. Suitable I thought, not bothersome.

6khz is possible with a EVM15L  - that has to be audible

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wider smooth flat woofer bandwidth is better, it makes an easier job for your crossover and it will sound better. The ideal is to have your drivers (all of them) flat in response for at least and octave and a half past the crossover point, more is even better but an octave and a half is already very difficult to achieve in most situations. Best regards Moray James.

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