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Thinking about Oppo

mxr dad

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Currently I'm running the Panasonic DMP-BDT 220 Blu Ray player and have seen many times where it will get stuck while watching DVD disc. I eject the disc, look it over and clean it and notice a tiny scratch. Try it again and same thing. Not only does it happen with this one but I also have another player (not a Panny) and the same thing happened. The discs were DVD, not BD and from my collection over the years so there are minor imperfections/scratches but nothing bad.


However, I would take those same discs and put in Sony PS 3 and it played them all fine, no freezing. So I guess its safe to assume some players are better at getting past the imperfections/scratches than others?


Do any of you Oppo owners have a problem playing discs with small imperfections? I'm not talking deep scrathes, I know any player would have a problem with that. I'm just talking normal wear and tear. I dont know about you guys, but I cant keep a disc in perfect condition for years no matter how I try.

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Thanks, glad to hear cuz I am close to talking myself into getting Oppo. Ya know, I never really thought about how well a player played discs. I always looked at the specs, options etc. Never occurred to me to ask about it until I was the one having to get up and down several times trying to watch DVD with no success. Usually it ended with me saying a few choice words and just gave up watching! 

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