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Klipsch Synergy 5.1 HELP!


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I just recently purchased (pieced together) a "Synergy" 5.1 surround sound set up. I have the following:

Klipsch F-30 floor speakers

C-10 premium center

S-10 premium WDST surround sound (pair)

BIC America F-12 sub 

I am running them with the Sony SRT-DH520 receiver


This is my first true home surround sound system and I must admit I am clueless about setting up the system. The owner manuals I have received with each speaker isn't very useful as far as setting everything up. I have the speakers wired and now I just need to do the fine tuning. I have measured out the distances to the optimal listening position to each speaker and have set that on the receiver. 


The F-30 has a metal plate that connects both sets of posts on the back, does it matter which post I use? 
I don't know what to set each one of the speaker for as far as crossovers? (main /center/front surround) 
Should I set the any if all of the speakers (minus the sub) to small or large on the receiver? 

I am probably forgetting or overlooking more but thats all I can come up with now. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! '



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Welcome to the forum Bob and congratulation on the new system.  Set the speakers to small is the standard recommendation.  Set the LPF for the subwoofer to 120 or 80 Hz if the avr has that setting.  The double set of binding post are for the tweeter and the bass drivers.  You only have to use the top or bottom one and not both if you leave the metal bar connecting the two sets in place.  Then just do the + speaker wire to the + top or bottom speaker post and like wise with the negative.


Once everything is connected, run autocalibration if that avr came with a setup mic.  If it did not, set all speaker to the same level that you hear at the main listening position.  Try to get all the speakers to 75 db which can be checked with a spl meter from Radio Shack.  This should get you up and running.  Ask a lot of question and other will chime in a help. :P

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Welcome to the forum! The home theater rabbit hole runs deep here. You are off to a good start as far as getting everything wired and distance set. Here is a good link on speaker placement:




The trick is to have your mains towed in so a theoretical laser coming out of the tweeters will meet right behind your seating position.


Your L/R mains are full range so they should be set to large while your surrounds are set to small. Just keep the metal plate on the back and you can pick either one, there are two for running bi-amp but you dont need to worry about that.


For your subwoofer, do the 'subwoofer crawl' as the placement is important. Get a longer wire and place the sub on your couch where you usually sit and crawl around the room while playing some bass heavy music. The place with the most bass is where you want your sub to be. 


Does your Receiver remote have a built in microphone? If it does you can calibrate the spl levels automatically. If not, you will want to get a cheap SPL meter on amazon or just do it by ear for now.


Others here can help more with additional advanced calibration on your crossovers etc. There are people here that have absolutely ridiculous home theaters and they have a wealth of knowledge.


What equipment are you going to run into it ie Blu Ray Xbox etc?

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Thanks for the quick replies. 

Currently I have the main floor speakers set to 60hz and small. 

The center and surrounds set to 120hz 


I have a PS4, PS3, and direct TV hooked up currently. 


I think it sounds pretty darn good right now, however the "surround" portion of the set up seems to be  a little lackluster. Probably has a lot to do with the position of my surround speakers; they're pretty much stuck there since Im renting and the lay the living room is set up. I have attached a pic of my current set up. Never mind apparently the pic is too big and I don't know how to change the size on this iMac. 


I do not have an auto cal function on this receiver, really can't complain too much about it for the price I got it. Hell all said and done the entire system cost me just under $900 and everything was brand new except for the receiver. Well I hope I got a hell of a deal? 



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The Sony in my signature did not come with a mic.   I just set all the speaker to sound the same at the MLP using the test tone and It sounds good.  The surrounds should be off to the side or slightly behing the MLP's abot 2-3 ft above the ear.  I have all my surround flush mounted using the key hole bracket.  Some people will angle them down.  This are accessory speaker and don't have has great a role as the front 3 speakers.  You should be fine.  Enjoy!

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Bo I would probabaly do the center and surrounds at 80hz. The left and right at 60hz are fine imo. By using the spl meter it will get everything sounding better. Having the speakers at the higher settings may have them sounding brighter (tinnier)


I have similar speakers to yours, they actually are basically the same,just different versions and mine are set up at 60 hz for L/R 80 HZ for center and surrounds and my subs are at 120 lpf and 60 hz. But that's me, room size and what's in it are going to be determining factors as well.

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