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Acoustical measurement kit EMM-8CAL500

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Free ship CONUS. $155

Barely used. You supply 9v battery. Works great for Accourate or REW5.

comes with on axis frequency response calibration.

The ibf-akustik MP-1r is a very compact, portable 1-channel microphone preamplifier. The MP-1r-KIT includes a calibrated EMM-8cal500 measurement microphone that is trimmed for accurate mic sensitivity. The MP-1r-KIT provides all to make accurate acoustic measurements.

Key features

¤ Max. 52dB gain (12dB fixed + 40 dB variable)

¤ output level through –10dBV consumer level up to +4dBu for professional soundcards

¤ bias supply for calibrated EMM-8cal

¤ input RF filter

¤ clipping indicator (bipolar detection) +3dBV

¤ power good / low battery status LED

¤ single 9V battery operation

¤ mic and amp matching

¤ 94dB acoustic reference LED (adjusted for 1kHz, unipolar detection)

¤ gold plated RCA (Cinch) input and output

¤ -10dBV reference LED

¤ connector for plug in power supply

¤ additional long cable/headphone output




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