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Klipsch RB-75 Bookshelf Speaker - Northern New Jersey - $400


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properly padded and packed - no problem


My cherry RB-75's came from Tacoma, WA to Kissimmee, FL via Fed Ex Ground perfectly intact.  Forum member Darylomer did a wonderful job packing them with original boxes but without original foam inserts.  Instead he wrapped them with about 3 inches of bubble wrap and double boxed them.  No movement whatsoever inside which almost ensures safe arrival.


Thanks again Daryl.



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If someone says I have a pair of RB-75 that I want to sell for $400 plus shipping and we express interest, how is that being too eager?  Would it have been better if we all waited a week to begin to reply?  :lol: 


I think it's safe to say they are no longer for sale for $400.  Looks like they are no longer available for shipping either.  If that is the case, the OP might want to change his original post to reflect the new asking price. 


After receiving a few PM's, I think he was hoping for a bidding war which I kindly backed out at that point.  That's what Ebay is for. 


Maybe someone from here will be able to purchase them though.  I kindly retract my expressed interest.  Who's next in line (if there is still a line).

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That is the correct person with the ad. He asked if I wanted the speakers along with the RC-25 and the receiver. Told him I didn't want to be involved in a bidding war as he said he had interest at $650.00 on the speakers. He then came back at $500.00 and I told him to take the $650.00 and run.


I backed out because of that alone, if Youthman was 1st in line he should have gotten them. Seller can do what he wants, but should have stated it to everyone he was interested in a highest and best offer. Not $400.00 or best. That's just me though. And he is only 15-20 minutes from me, those would have made excellent 2 channel speakers for me, but it's principal that steered me away.

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