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Cornsala pair in walnut, located in SoCal 92656


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Selling off my newly built Klipsch style Cornscalas. All parts are new. Woofers are Eminence, Horns are sourced from fastlaneaudio, and the mid range is the famous Klipsch K55. Crossovers are ALK. These are one of the finest cornwall examples that exist. Freq response from 44hz-22khz, 98db efficient. I can demo with 100watts or 1watt.... this speaker plays both incredibly. Tophat's face is a satin finish black to blend the horns in with the bass bins finished in walnut. Cabinets are built from Baltic birch. Grill is klipsch cloth. 


Im listing to make room other projects.


Bass bins are 24"x24"x24" Tophats are 20"14"x16" Allowing the topcoat to be rotated to locate the sweet spot with greater ease.


Justin 323-868-9722


Asking $2000

No issues with shipping cross the country... would be my 4th pair to go that way.







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The horn on top is a demo/ prototype Dave made for me long ago. It's pretty bad ***. I've used it a few times as a tweeter, larger sound stage, not sure any better but; was fun. I just have one of those horns but will gladly include or pass on to the next fan.

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Justin had me over a short time back, and I got to hear these amped by a McIntosh 2275 (KT88 tube like the 275). They sound simply amazing. Much better then either stock La Scala's or Cornwalls II's, or III's. Less harsh and mids were incredible with life like imaging. Wish my living room was larger. Klipsch should hire Justin and put these into production for $8-10k a pair. Go listen to them before you consider buying anything else. 

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Guest David H

Have not done a post yet, but Ampsandsound is going to THE show. If anyone is around Id love to shake your hands and put a face to friends on the forum.


Excellent!  I will have to come see your display.



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