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KLF-30 Woofer K-31-K WANTED


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Long story short, one of the woofers on my KLF's cracked :(  I called Klipsch and they don't sell it anymore. I also asked about the K-31-E and it's gone too! I know that Bob Crites sells a replacement on ebay, but I'd like to match the woofer to the originals.

If someone has a replacement for sale please let me know. I could pay via paypal or cash if you live around the Chicago area. 


Thank you! 



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Didn't Bob Crites have ones for the 30??


He does but I'm trying to get the original to match all the other woofers. I'm also considering the GoldWood GW-12PC-8 which is recommended by Simply Speakers (Authorized dealer for klipsch repair parts). What do you guys think? 



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I went through this situation a few months ago with my KLF 30's. One woofer was bad. I called Klipsch and ordered two K-31-E's. When they arrived I was not happy with them at all. The frame circumference is smaller than the orginal K-31-K woofer so it dose not fit in the cutout properly. The magnet is smaller and the speaker was considerably lighter than the original. They also did not match the appearence of the originals and did not appear to be of the same quality. I then ordered the Crites 12" woofers and also ordered two Mavin 12" klipsch replacement woofers I found on ebay. Both the Crites and the Mavins fit properly and worked well but the Crites were of higher quality so I kept them. I ended up selling the other three original woofers and replacing them all with the Crites. I returned the K-31-E's to Klipsch. I still have the Mavins but plan to return them unless you are interested. The Mavins are a step up from the K-31-E's and are less expensive than the Crites. You can check them out on ebay. I would consider them a viable replacement but since I had completely rehabbed my KLF 30's with crites crossovers, titanium tweeter and midrange diaphragms I wanted the best woofer I could get. It's curious that Klipsch told you they no longer have the K-31-E's when they shipped me two just a couple months ago. Also keep in mind that unless you get an original K-31-K from someone no other woofer will be an exact cosmetic match.

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