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RF 7 theater, what is it worth?


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I had a nice big theater at our previous house. I planned on building another but it doesn't look like it is going to happen so I was going to sell the equipment however I have no idea what it is worth! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

So i have:

Rf7 mains, cherry

RC7 center , cherry

RS7 black

Rsw12 black

Rs5 white

R-5800w new still in boxes

And svs pb-2 plus

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Nice setup.


Ball park guess assuming good condition.


Rf7 mains, cherry------$650.00 to $800.00
RC7 center , cherry----$275.00 to $400.00
RS7 black----------------$325.00 to $450.00
Rsw12 black-------------$450.00 to $650.00


No clue about remaining speakers.



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Sorry yes I also have RS-3

I would like to sell everything together but I am not sure if that will happen!

I have lots of other equipment I will be selling as well

Emotiva pre amp as well as 5 and 2 channel amps, marantz 7705 pre amp and a bunch more.

I also have Mitsubishi 1080p projector and fixed screen, as I recall it was 120"

I am in south Florida but also travel to st Augustine often if some one is in those areas I could help with moving some stuff.

I have just been out of the theater scene for a while and have no idea what stuff is worth!

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