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Some more home made stands, this time bookshelf

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I found some Sony SS K10ED bookshelf speakers for 20 bucks on CL and figured they would match alright with the other rare Sony ED speakers I have. 5" woven Kevlar woofer and dome tweeter that goes up to 80k. They sounded pretty awesome in my dining room test so I built some stands. I used 3/4" mdf and 1 1/2" wooden dowel.  I never really have a solid plan when I start out building anything like this. I decided because of their shape to go with a triangle stand.  I made the tops match the bottoms exactly and they had two mount holes on the bottom of the speakers so I made the tops match so I could bolt them down.  Next I went out a ways for the bottom and rounded the corners like on the Forte II stands and added threaded inserts for spikes. since the wooden dowels were kind of pricey I cut the 3 4' dowels in half making the stands just about 27" tall with the spikes. these turned out rather well. the only thing I would do different is make the front wider because they are kind of top heavy. I will probably cut some scrap 1/2" plate steel and attach under the stands for counter weight latter on.  I painted them with 99 cent spray paint. 






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They do look cool, but they also look inherently unstable from the side.  Any little kids in the house?  :unsure2:



Self-lamentEverybody has cool looking cables except me.  :(


More Self-lament:  Everybody gets cool speakers for $20 off CL except me.  :sad: :sad:

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No kids or pets, yeah they are a bit tipsy. Like I said I might add some counterweight or maybe re-design them, no too worried if I don't do anything though.  

No kids, no pets?  Make it your way, man.  :) 


It's all about balance. 



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