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Craigslist meet at police dept.

mustang guy

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You know what really sucks? That any of this is necessary.

I'm not old enough to remember, but I've been told stories of times where people felt safe even with their doors unlocked, and their windows opened. People weren't afraid of being shot or robbed, life just was. I wish that was the case today.


I'm old enough to remember, appreciate and defend. This fellow helps:




nice looking dog--what breed?


this is a cane corso -



74 pounds and skinny at 6 months...


Unlike my 12 year old:




the cane corso in the picture is only 74 pounds -am I reading this right



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I can still remember going on family vacations as a Kid for weeks at a time.  We never locked anything.  Doors unlocked, rifles hanging in the gun rack.  Never worried about any of it back then.


Now days my Buddy says he had serious concerns about me not packing when I went to visit.  Says I'm just inviting trouble.


Did a quick inventory of 22 and 17HMR ammo.  Got more than enough.


Not everybody in the good old days were honest.


Grand Dad and Great Grand Dad were selling Shine back in the day.  After the truck was loaded, one of the guys asked "Now Mr Poole. What would you do if we was to decide not to pay you?"  Out of the dark came the sound of 2 hammers being cocked by my Grand Dad.  The other gentleman said with some excitement  "Mr Poole!  We're gonna pay you!  We was just wondering!"

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My last few purchases were off ebay and meeting for pickup etc. Craigslist is a crap shoot. Not even worth a chance...I mean buy a tv at the police station...so plug it in and make sure the hdmi works etc...

Yes man!

Lol, Just roll some industrial LaScalas into there and you got a happening. :)

If everyone did it, might create a position at the local.

Directing traffic into and out the parking lot.

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^ Same here for the most part.

Don't let his docile appearance fool you, this guy can sniff out the riff raff and goes ballistic when he sees them.

He's my best buddy of 12 years this month too. :)


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When i make a CL deal i tell them to meet me at my local Pub.

Never had a problem, when they enter the parking lot there is five or guys or more looking at him, and they dont leave till my deal is done.

Then i buy a round, cheap insurance id say.

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Met craigslist seller at Police dept. recently. Went well as older couple brought me Plasma monitor.

Did not have to arrest anyone, or get arrested. Told them about the Washington state article on page one here to make them feel better about being paranoid. First time doing that... :)

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I guess rural Central Florida is a little different Craig's List wise. I've had quite a few CL buying and selling. Ranging from tools to cars. Most were at my home or the home of the seller. A couple transactions were at some neutral site. All have been perfect. No fears, no problems, no issues.


I guess I should mention that I do hold a Florida concealed carry permit and was packing at every transaction. I may be old but I'm not stupid.

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