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I thought it was time for a change, did away with the audio cabinet.


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I have had the same audio rack and TV stand forever and just kind of got tired of the look. We got a new 60" plasma over our old 50" one. I found a awesome glass TV stand with room enough for almost everything on CL for 40 bucks. My KV-3, KSF C5 or Sony would not fit in the stand so I made a shelf above it but really did not care for the look, it sounded OK but prefer underneath the TV.  I went in the pawn shop and they had a Totem Mite "T" center in pristine condition and I walked out the door with it for cheap.  It fits just perfect and have to say it sounds better than the rest I have. These don't come with grills but no kids or pets so not to worry.  I also found a B&K Reference 125.2 and the Forte II's sound great with it. They sounded great with the ATI also. I think getting all the clutter from around them gone made a bigger difference, the amps are pretty much on same page. I think the reflections off the audio cabinet diminished the sound. I am happy with the results and so is the wife so that's a plus.  Enough rambling here are some before and after pics. 







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I love the clean look of the front end.  That center fits into the stand perfectly, and I like it under the TV, just as you have it.


You also have a L/C/R that is not "timbre matched."  Mine is the same way. 


I have a MTM center with a dome tweeter that has the clearest sound for vocals/dialog.  I know I am in the minority on the mis-matched L/C/R setup, but that center is the most important part of the speaker setup for 5.1 listening, which for me includes a lot of TV watching.  I could probably look for something more timbre matched for my center, but I am very happy with what I have, and I'm guessing that Totem center sounds pretty good on your setup as well.

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Thanks, Yeah actually they do,  before I had anything up front you could tell the difference. I think just moving them down where they are now made a difference.  I am mainly music but do like clear dialog when watching movies and TV, so far the Totem is the clearest I have had. I have 5 sets of mains that are always in rotation so timbre matching is something I seldom do. It has to sound good for movies but better for music.  I also have 8 smaller dampeners and 4 bigger ones around the room. They made a huge difference. 



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