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Premiere "RF-7s"

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My local dealer sold me a second pair (floor model) rf7ii's because they had to make room for the new replacement.

I can't seem to find anything about what may be to come... Other than I got a wicked deal on the 7ii's so he could make room.

I'm curious too! But will not replace, no matter how cool. I have to keep telling myself that! ;)

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The release of the Premier speaker was to make Synergy and Icon user feel that they are getting some of the Reference quality at a slightly lesser cost.  Remember, Klipsch has to appeal to the average Joe so it will not be like the Palladiums, lol.  It has to be affordable to the masses.


It is really interesting that speaker companies have made incremental change on various types of speakers over the last 30 years but, many of the vintage speakers can give all the modern speakers a run for the money.

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