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And then there's this... Armored delivery only.


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Note: The XPA-2 g18 can be used with both solid gold and ordinary components and interconnect accessories although, of course, we recommend that you upgrade your entire system to solid gold for the best possible sound quality.

:lol: sounds like some of the wire nuts.

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Heh, quite. Getting things together to head back to school in August, work is pushing more hours, and with the nicer weather, I've been trying to get back to getting outside and doing things. It's the first year in a while I've had drive to do things in a while. But yeah, I'm around. :)

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Haha...I've got some friends in SoCal, Venice to be exact.

not too far away…funny was just talking about medical marijuana facilities with someone and they said that they’ve heard there are several in Venice.  I laughed and told him that there is one every few feet (only a slight exaggeration).  I’m a bit south of Venice--not as crazy as Venice; but, probably the second craziest beach.

I have some relatives up near Lake Tahoe.

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