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KP-4000 noob Help


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KP-4000 - I have a line on 4 of these for about $100 each, untested.  Pretty sure they don't have a passive crossover... They are located at a club and I have a time set up for Wednesday at 1 PM to go have a look, test, and possibly make an offer.  I have never looked at Pro, and am very ignorant to what these are or what they can do.


Can you help my put together a list of things to take with me to test these?  Amp, cables, etc?

I was planning on using my Crown XLS1000 test it since it has an electronic crossover.  I think I need to go buy a speakon speaker cable too, is that correct?  He also has a pretty good list of pro gear, should I be looking at any of this as well?  (listed at end of post.)


Are these any good?  Could they be cleaned up and used non-pro?  Any good testing methods?  Any incite would greatly help.  Me and a buddy are looking putting some of this gear into a restaurant he owns but have no clue how to begin... I would keep 2 for myself just because I need these of course.


 2 Audio Logic Quad Gate units
1 Behringer Composer Pro-XL Dual Channel Compressor/Gate
1 Behringer Composer MDX2100 Dual Channel Compressore/Gate
1 Behringer DJX700 DJ Mixer
1 Behringer Ultralink Pro Headphone Distro
1 Crown DC-300A Dual Channel Power Amplifier
2 dbx 231 31-Band Graphic Equalizer
2 dbx 1074 Quad Channel Gate
5 dbx 166A Dual Channel Compressor/Gate
4 dbx 166XL Dual Channel Compressor/Gate
1 Denon CD-110 Professional CD Player
1 Denon DN-2500F Dual CD Player
1 Denon DN-2700F Dual CD Player
1 Denon RC-44 Remote Control for DN-2500F
1 Denon RC-37 Remote Control for DN-2700F
1 Digitech MEQ Mono 28-Band Digital Graphic Equalizer
1 DOD 866 Series II Dual Channnel Comp/Gate
1 InterM VAMS-0808 Audio/Video Matrix Switcher
2 Lexicon MPX-550 Digital Reverb/Delay
1 Peavey PV-8.5C Dual Channel Power Amplifier
1 Pioneer Dual CD Player
1 Roland SDE-3000A Mono Digital Delay
2 Tascam DA-30MKII Professional Cassette Tape Players 

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I ended up getting these for a growler and a few bottles of beer.  Price was right…


Randy & Carl, I’d love your advice...  3 of the 4 18”s need to be re-coned ($80 each simply speaker) and in the fourth that works I found what looks like an Eminence 18” not a klipsch driver.  I will also need (2) 15” KD15 passives, which I have yet to find.  So as it stands 1 of them is working but with an Eminence 18” and I have one more with a good passive and 2 boxes.  New 18”s not made by Klipsch might be the way to go too… cost wise I might be half way there.  I just don’t know.


I tried the working one, I hooked it up to my Crown XLS and my THT beats the snot out of it… I am not sure though if that’s due to the eminence or if the THT is just that much better or my amp might be a little light to push this thing its only 200 Watts.  One thing I don’t want to do is spend a bunch of money for an OK sub.  But I’d fix them if they would be worth it… I have 4 really cool 18"s if I can get them to go and they have some history, they have been in a club.  Pretty sure I was there at a time while these played, they have been hidden under the stage for who knows how long.  But if they are junk, they're junk.  End use is to be determined, maybe under the deck at my dads cabin.

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I had a pair of the 480's and thought they performed well as part of a set with 250's on top. These are not "Sub"woofers but rather lower end fill (I believe down to 44Hz?) for a pair of monitors. I ran a set for a little while And I tell you what, these things will kick you straight square in the chest if you feed them enough power. You think the Chorus are loud and kick hard?? The 250 / 480 combo are built for clubs etc, big spaces and they perform very well.


The pair of Carver A400x's (in the picture) bridged at 500 watts per side was barely enough to get the subs to sound right. I ended up replacing them with a Samson SX3200 at 750 per side and the really came to life. These "woofers" basically give a small monitor a "big" voice by filling in the lower frequencies.


I don't know if you'd really want to sink a lot of money into them unless you had a specific need for these as they don't really have a big resale value. I ended up replacing mine with a pair of Ultra 2 subs and have been happy ever since.


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