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k horns sold


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i understand that, it happens. but others posts are just free bumps for your ad. 


i dont think you can delete their posts, but the original title & details of the ad are still there for anyone to see.  just keeps things a little cleaner to not have 3 ads for the same speakers.  



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because people were posting on my threads that had nothing to do with the speakers if i can delete the others please tell me how

I understand why you were forced to do this.

Good luck with your sale and I apologize for the thoughtlessness of my compatriots

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That amp looks like my PS200, but never seen that model before. Is it not from stateside?  Very ballsy and dead quiet, would be a great matchup.


Those Khorns look like mine- walnut beautifulness!   Good luck with sale they seem fairly priced. 

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I too am surprised these haven't sold yet.  I thought they were a deal at 1700!  Must be the location.  If you haven't already, make sure you advertise on Craigslist and US Audiomart (both free).  Audiogon is also good but there are fees.


JMON, this is exactly why I didn't try harder to work out a deal on these. Notice that the speakers are back at $1,700. The price on the K-horns has gone UP and DOWN several times, which seems odd to me. Would someone in CA buy these so we know they exist?!



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