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SOLD- Klipsch Cornwall IIIs


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I'm selling my Klipsch B Stock Cornwall IIIs (consecutive serial numbers)... I've had them for about 2 years and they are in excellent shape. Although they are B Stock, their walnut veneer closely matches my A Stock Heresy III walnut speakers- I can't tell the difference. There are slight scratch marks on the top right speaker from my cat, but not bad at all..I have all the original boxes and packaging. I'm selling the pair for REDUCED PRICE...now $1700 + PayPal fee..I can ship them if necessary for the additional shipping fee....I live in Rapid City, SD...if anyone is interested, I'll try and post photos this week :)

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Guest Steven1963

B-stock means that the speakers aren't perfect. Perhaps some sort of a flaw in the wood finish. 


Good price!  GLWS!

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My cat is declawed in the front,but has her claws in the back, and happened to jump on the speaker when my fabric placemat fell off....that's the only blemish and I made sure to get pictures of it and an honest explanation of how it happened...the grills are in pristine condition, my speakers were not a scratching post for the cat...I never took the grilles off when I listened to music

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