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Height Dimensions RP-250F vs 260F vs 280F


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So I'm trying to nail down my new fronts, centering around the RP-260F.


However, I'm questioning the height dimensions of the RP-260F as listed on Klipsch's actual spec sheet showing 36.6 inches high.


The smaller RP-250F is listed as having a height of 36.1 inches high, and the larger RP-280F listed as 43.06 inches high.


So there is only a half-inch difference in height between the 250F vs the 260F?


You can see all three speakers lined up next to each other on this asian video:



...it seems clear to me the 260F is like three inches taller than the 250F and about 3-inches shorter than the 280F.

Yet, as noted above, this seems to contradict the spec sheets as shown on Klipsch's own website.


Anyone out there actually own the 260F that could measure the actual height of the speaker?



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