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NSD!: Klipsch Forte


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Super loving these new additions. Right now I have them in the basement because they're maybe too much speaker for the upstairs family room. Sounding amazing through a new Pioneer AVR. Can't wait to hear what they sound like with my Accuphase E-202 when I get it down here over the weekend.


17210306059_c172b42494.jpgKlipsch Forte by thejtl, on Flickr

17370543356_ab0d9265ec.jpgKlipsch Forte by thejtl, on Flickr
17396155751_d3798c3b19.jpgKlipsch Forte by thejtl, on Flickr
17210308459_125432fd3b.jpgKlipsch Forte by thejtl, on Flickr
17189072327_4f5f88ebf9.jpgKlipsch Forte by thejtl, on Flickr
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hey, those are my old fortes!!  congrats on the new speakers, glad they went to a good home.  i had no doubt you would love them.  they look awsome in your basement set up, the grain looks great with the floor!  as you can see they are some of the nicest fortes i have ever seen,  the pics in my for sale ad didnt do them justice.  


i was impressed with them on my little 80wpc onkyo receiver, but when i hooked them to some better power on my 200wpc rotel or adcom amps, they were on a whole new level.  once you get some better power to them you will like them even more! 


i do notice in the pics one of the grille rubber inserts came out of its hole, i meant to mention that when you picked them up.  be carefull not to lose any of them, you can use a little silicone or something to glue them into the holes, over the years they must have shrunk a bit & can pull out.  


congrats & enjoy!

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