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Some Speakers, subs, and other stuff.


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LOCATED IN WATERTOWN WISCONSIN (Between Milwaukee and Madison)

Yamaha MX-1000U SOLD

Yamaha CX-800U - $150

Klipsch KM-6 SOLD

Definitive Technology Powerfield 18 - $350

Infinity HPS-1000 (Upgraded to RSW-15 driver) - $350




SOLD the MX1000U, and KM-6's.


STILL HAVE a Definitive Technology Powerfield 18 subwoofer in Satin Black. 



The Def Tech PF 18 is a monster , and nails some of the lowest frequencies with ease while getting extremely loud on  only 500 watts. Has full phase, volume, and x-over controls on the back with both low and high-level inputs. It is in great condition with some scratches here and there, but nothing bad at all.

Asking $400 $350 for the Definitive Technology PF18



The subwoofer grill could use a little extra glue on the back to tighten it up a bit, but I could do this for you even if you would like. The KM-6's in the pictures have sold





I also have a Yamaha CX-800U preamp. It has some blemishes, it is missing the power button on the front, which can be acquired through legendaryamps.com I believe. You can still push in the button to power on and off, its just a purely aesthetics thing. It has a couple scratches on the body, but overall in good condition cosmetically. It's fully functional and sounds very good!



Features "Source Direct" option which allows input signal to bypass all circuitry except the volume control so you get the shortest path possible for your music source. The CX-800U is also very quiet when you want to use it to alter the sound with tone controls, balance and loudness knob. it is equipped with gold plated RCA input jacks on the rear panel with connections for phono, CD, tuner, DAT, tape, CDV, VCR1, VCR2 and the pre out to power amplifier. A front panel door allows access to tone controls, stereo/mono switch, subsonic filter switch, record out selector switch and phono type selector switch. Tone control is provided with four knobs. Two knobs for bass: a turnover frequency selection knob and a level control knob. The other two tone control knobs are for treble: turnover frequency selection knob and level control knob. The phono selector switch supports MM 1k ohm, 47k ohm/330 pF, 47k ohm/200 pF and MC 1k ohm, 100 ohm or 10 ohm cartridges. Additional controls on the front panel are for input selection, mute, phase invert, source direct, balance, loudness, volume and power.


I don't have the original remote, but I have a replacement remote that performs all the functions apart from a mute button, which the replacement remote does not have. 

Asking $200 $150


I also have an Infinity HPS-1000 Subwoofer. The sub has a 1000 watt amp, a down firing 15" active driver and 2 15" passive radiators. This guy extends deep and with authority. It has some scratches here and there, its not perfect, but is in overall good condition cosmetically, and is 100% functional. It has high and low-level inputs on the back and a detachable power cord. This is a monster at nearly 100 lbs so make sure you have a friend to help you unload it.



The original driver in these units have been known to go out, as mine did on low listening levels, so I upgraded the sub with the driver from the Klipsch RSW-15 driver, and it slams.




Asking $400 $350, IDK if you can find a much better sub for this price, it really is a good one





If you have any questions write me a PM, shoot me a text, or give me a call at nine two zero - 285 - eight nine zero zero

Thanks guys!

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