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custom hardwood heresy cabinets


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edit: It seems like instrument manufacturers have the data we may need to further think this through. Unfortunately, bamboo and birch are missing... click image to open site...


I want me some Beefwood!  :P


I have never heard of any of the wood from that website!  I would think one would stay as far away as possible from any of the woods on that list since the main property of a guitar wood is to resonate! 



I'm not sure why there is such passionate discussion on building a box.  The OP came here asking for advice on using a hardwood and pros and cons of were given by several.  Since I have zero experience with woodworking, I'm sure nobody is looking for MY advice!   :rolleyes:


I would just have to say I have read about the problems of using a hardwood.  The OP is obviously looking to do a project with high aesthetic value, nothing wrong with that.  I just think he would would want to consider if this enclosure would last due to the problems of wood expanding and shrinking with humidity, and consider how important if the sonic value is.  I have seen some spectacular finishes using a high quality MDF and exotic veneers, and to me that would be the way to go.


Now go make some sawdust!  B)

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High end speaker builders like Oswald Mill and Daedalus use solid hardwood. Solid hardwood has less dimensional stability than ply/MDF, making it better for small speakers than large ones. Go for it, and please post pictures.

Can't argue with the results of Oswald Mills......go for it indeed! 

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I'm about to make a pair. i've upgraded the crossovers with crites stuff as well. i've got a OG pair of decorators that i'll be copying out of birch ply. I'll let you know if the science that every is talking about appears. i'm sure I won't notice as i'll be deep into some Macallan and some Coltrane :)

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