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How much would you pay for a complete set of Klipschorn drivers?

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Ahoy from Singapore!

I am a proud owner of a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls which I purchased on Ebay a yr ago. Thus far it has provided me with countless hours of listening pleasure, and I haven't done any mods yet!

Anyhow, the itch to upgrade has gotten to me. I know of someone who is selling a complete set of Klipschorn drivers as follows

K-77 Tweeter ( EVA Alnico)

K-55M Mid driver (EV)

K-33 woofer (Eminence )

AK2 x-over

How much is a fair price to pay for all of them, assuming they all work. I would appreciate any input on this.


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Not sure what a fair price would be but you can surmise you can get most of this from eBay (when available) for half the price of new. Here is what these components were going for from Klipsch at last check:

K-33-E Woofer (part #121501) $100/ea

K-55-M Squawker (part #128005) $186/ea

K-77-M Tweeter (part #129001) $198/ea

K-401 Squawker Horn (part #130117) $196/ea

Do the Sqauwker Horns come with the package? Also, the AK-2 network seems to be less desireable (along with the AK) than the A, AA, AK-3 and ALK networks. I know the AL-3 networks were $152/ea from Klipsch. Not sure what the AK-3's are however.

I'm sure you'll get more experienced people to chime in here...



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Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. It looks like a brand new pair of everything would cost me something like US$960, not including the crossover network.

If you discount 50% for used drivers then I am looking at about US480. Great, at least I have a rough idea how much I should be paying for these drivers when I meet the seller.

Thanks also for the info re the AK crossover networks. I needed someone more experienced in Klipsch lore to tell me whether they were worth purchasing. I guess they aren't.

I've got the itch to upgrade my Cornwalls now. Just bought lots of 16AWG silver wire from Ebay to rewire all my Cornwall internals. They are really excellent speakers. Paul Klipsch was a genius

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I just bought a pair of Cornwall II in the beginnng of the year and personally, I would never dare do any modfication on them. It hurts their resale value dramatically.

Also you can be sure the Eminence woofer would not perform the same as the orginal Klipsch woofer.


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I am not sure if buying the khorn parts is a upgrade???

Your cornwalls use all the same drivers as the khorn for the year they were made.

the onbly diffrence is the cross over the mid horn driver and the ported bass cab.

The khorn crossover would be to hot on the top end to match the cornwall cabnets bass.

the mid horn from the khorn would not fit in the cornwall cabnet.

I think your best bet would be to leave them stock or try some type b crossovers(if yours don't have them already) or some custom made crossover that you could get plans from from this site.

or just buy some khorns

the stock cornwall is a might fine speaker in stock form.

maby try better electronics.

I love my 60,63,68 cornwalls yup got one of each. the 60 has the rare rear port to me it has the best bass out of the three.

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On 8/20/2003 8:13:56 PM Super_BQ wrote:

the Eminence woofer would not perform the same as the orginal Klipsch woofer


ummm.... i think he was trying to say that it is a K-33 Klipsch Woofer which happen to have been manufactured by Eminence (as many heritage woofers used to be). 2.gif

As for the original post... what are you planning on doing with Khorn components? Are they to upgrade your Cornwalls? I don't think this would help any.

On the other hand, if you were looking at parts in order to save the VERY $$ shipping on a complete Khorns but you would build your own Khorn cabinets, I think this is a much better idea. Although the construction is complicated, several members here have built their own with great success. Check out Don's (digjr) projects in "Odd and Mods" ...



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