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Threshold t200 & t2 Chicagoland - Go halvesies with me?


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I hope my not breaking any forum rules through this thread, but a fellow member gave me a great idea of seeing if any of you folks might want to go halvesies with me on this set of Threshold T200 amp and T2 pre. I've been on the hunt for a Threshold T2 for a couple years but I always miss it. I spoke with the owner and he doesn't want to split the set. I was wondering if there are any Threshold lovers around here who might want the T200 amp? I'll go halvsies and buy the T2! I'm located in Watertown WI about an hour west of Milwaukee. Anyone interested in a nice Threshold amp?






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I've owned a few Threshold amps -- liked them a lot.  This setup was a dream of mine back around 17 or so years ago.  Then I gave tubes a try and never looked back.  You should think about tubes as well.  The Thresholds are not being used by the seller -- I'd bet it's because he's using tubes.  I see some ARC gear in those photos.

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