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How to remove KlipschHeresy3 rear panel

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I am trying to find out how to get in to the Xover and how to remove the Xover to get

Parts value. If anyone can help me I most certainly would appreciate it .

I am in Central ,Ma. P.s if anyone has a parts schematic for the Heresy three It would be

Greatly appreciated thank you,Paul. Audioman58@gmail.com

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Someone with better information than I have will advise.


It is my understanding there is no way to get the back panel off.  It was assembled /glued in place.  Value engineering for you.


All access to the interior is by removing the woofer, and the horns, if necessary.


There should be a terminal cup which is mounted with screws.  The crossover circuit board is mounted on the interior of it.  So you can see it by removing the cup.


Just a tip.  There was a factual novel about the Son of Sam serial killer.  The police were running a lot of clerks to assemble and cross-match paperwork, including the many parking tickets given out in the areas of the attacks.  The fellow in charge told the file clerks, "Make records as if someone who doesn't know your work has to pick it up tomorrow with you not here."


So that is what I suggest if you're taking things apart.  Take photos, make notes, mark wires with tabs of masking tape, all to record what is connected to what.  Assume that someone like you, but without knowledge of the disassembly, has to re-assemble it.


Regarding a schematic of the crossover, it is my understanding that Klipsch has not given out that information.  Maybe someone here has it.



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Schematics are not available from Klipsch on current production models but there is no stopping you or anyone from pulling one apart and measuring the components and drawing the schematic off the boards (there are two boards physically stacked). These boards are for the bass driver and for the mid and hi horn drivers. The two crossover boards are mounted to the inside of the loudspeaker terminal cup. I do not mean to be rude but I do want to be very blunt about this if you cannot find the crossovers do you think that you are ready or capable of modifying them in any way? It is very easy to damage them. The H3 has the most sophisticated crossover networks of any Heresy to date and by a very wide margin. You can obtain much improvement doing other physical modifications to the H3 and then when you have done that you might consider upgraded capacitors. I would still recommend that you not touch the networks and that if you want better caps installed that you have someone skilled with networks do that for you. Both the capacitors and the circuit board traces are easily damaged if you apply too much heat for too long. I would hate to see you damage your networks or expensive capacitors. There is a forum member who makes a business out of such network modifications (Dean at Aletheia Audio) that would be one place to start as would Bob Crites. Search them out and talk with them and see what they say. I do hope this helps. welcome to the forum and to the world of Klipsch. Best regards Moray James.

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I agree with Moray leave it alone. They are brand new why would you want to mess with them. If it ain't broke do not fix it,,,lol  Maybe you should call Klipsch and see how much a replacement crossover is first ...cause that's what you might have to do if you mess yours up. My guess is it will towards 200 bucks.    Rick

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Hey Rick: I can totally understand someone who wants to mess with new speakers or any speakers for that matter but you have to go at it like you are gambling. Don't bet if you can't afford to loose. That is why if you want to learn how to solder and to modify crossovers you do so on very cheap affordable speakers that way your cost of learning is cheap. It's a very good bet that if you have little experience you are going to mess up. I am all for modifying but I will say I have done a lot to my two sets of H3 I would bet a nickel more than any out there but the networks are stock and I have not yet felt the urge to go into them not yet anyway. They sound very good and the physical modifications are huge so I am happy. Best regards Moray James.

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