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F/S McIntosh MC2200


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post-5468-0-59640000-1435524201_thumb.jppost-5468-0-12440000-1435524223_thumb.jppost-5468-0-07160000-1435524256_thumb.jppost-5468-0-87280000-1435524272_thumb.jppost-5468-0-88640000-1435524283_thumb.jpStarting to get rid of some equipment I don't use anymore.  Purchased in 2007.  When I bought it it had 2 issues.  The power on switch was wobbly and the left red limit light didn't blink on/off when you first turn it on.  The green Normal lights work fine and are always on when you turn it on.  I shipped the unit to McIntosh in Binghamton, N.Y. and had them go through it. Replaced relay, caps, lamps, cleaned controls, cleaned power supply PC board connector, re-solder driver boards, and set bias.  Tested all functions, unit meets factory Spec. They couldn't find the issue with the left red limit light and said not to worry.  The switch is fine and they couldn't do anything with it (I believe they don't make them anymore).  Having said all that the unit works fine.  I've used it on and off over the years.  I don't use it much any more and need to pass it on.  It's practically pristine with a few scratches here and there for it's age.  Chrome is in excellent shape and all lettering is there.  I have the owners manual and the service manual.  I have the shipping box.  I'd rather not ship, but will do so at buyers expense.  Willing to drive a reasonable distance to save on shipping and prevent possible damage.  $600.00 plus shipping. Thanks for looking, John

I have a MC2102 amplifier that I will be posting later on this week also.  $3900.00 plus shipping.

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