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For those interested in guitars ...


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So Steve, I think this would be an appropriate thread for you to post pics of your guitars.  I know I asked you to post, and you did, but that was a year ago or so, so if you could, please post pics here of your babes.

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I've had a severe case of gas:


HD28 x 2

D28 (1967)



D28LF (Lester Flatt)

OOO28VS (best standard guitar ever made by any manufacturer regardless of shape and scale)


D18 (my Banjo Killer)


quite a few more... Bourgeois, Froggy Bottom

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I wish I could play better so I could justify buying more guitars.  I have a Tacoma acoustic I bought in '96, which was a splurge for me at $700.  My rationale was buy a nice guitar and I will play more...bite the bullet from the get-go.  Well, it didn't work.  I have a Fender Strat and that is it.  I have wanted a cherry sunburst Les Paul or Epiphone, but until my playing improves, and I deserve it, I won't buy another guitar.

I'm on the musiczoo's email list because I enjoy seeing all those beautiful guitars.  Other guitar lovers may like it as well, so here is the link.



check this place out...always enjoy looking at their new arrivals.



Cool site. The first guitar the show is a 59 Jimmy Page Signature series….call for pricing :D drool


the price was up for a while....$100k!

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Lady friend has seven guitars.  Will have to take some pics next time.  She has a Paul Reed like the one Carlos Santana played as well as Martin and Taylor acoustics, Gibson Les Paul, Ovation, and a Taylor Liberty Tree.  They all belonged to her late husband. 

We both are attempting to learn to play....can't let those beauties sit idle.

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