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KP-680s replacement driver


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Hey guys,


I am the media director at First Baptist Church in Little Rock, AR and we have a KP-600 Speaker system in our sanctuary.


It consists of two flown stacks w/ 2 HF cabinets and one LF cabinet on each side, and 2 KP-680 subwoofers.


I have had one of the drivers in the subwoofer start rattling and am trying to determine how to replace.

Do they still have replacements at Klipsch or do we have to buy alternate replacements?

If I need to order replacements, what recommendations?


I love these speakers and the sound quality we get...


I have emailed the prosystemdesign guys, but no response yet...





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  • Klipsch Employees

Hey. Yes you can. The replacement woofer is called the k-47-ep2. It's amazing that you still have these installed. I may to come to your church to hear them. Incidentally I was one of the engineers that designed that system. And it warms my heart to know that they are still working good for you. If you have any problems with getting the parts just email me at roy.delgado@klipsch.com. Take care.

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Roy is the go-to guy regarding this system.


I just replaced a K-47-ep2 18" woofer in one of my KP 682's.....I called Klipsch (1-800-KLIPSCH) and got it ordered.....I believe it ships out of Hope....and I received it about 2-3 days later.  Seems like it was about $225 or so.  Also, I live and work in WLR within a couple of miles of your church....drive by it daily.  If you need any help with the installation, I'd be glad to swing by and offer a hand. 



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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks guys, I ordered and received the replacement within a day or two.


You guys are welcome anytime!  :-)


We are remodeling our stage starting next week and I am deciding where to relocate the subs.  I would love for one of you guys to stop by,

It's great showing them off... and it might be helpful to discuss the best location for the subs, currently under the stage...


The church number is 501-227-0010 ask for John Griffith


btw, the driver I am replacing still has PWK printed on the cone...  I need to hang that somewhere...

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