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Belle Klipsch - Seattle Area


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I'm somewhat reluctantly offering my Belle Klipsch for sale.


Here's the history on these. In 2005 I went to the most local brick and mortar outlet for Klipsch Heritage, Bry's in Marysville. I wanted Klipschorns, but didn't and still don't, have proper corners. So I went there in search of Belles. This was shortly after it had been announced that they were stopping production of Belles. They only had a single Belle they used as a center for a pair of Klipschorns. In order to save some money off the full price of a new pair of Belles, they ordered a new (2005) in the same oak with cane grill as the floor model. When it arrived, it had a black grill, and cane was no longer available. So I went to black grills. The owner of the store, the father, was the "Klipsch guy", not the sons who then and now run the store. So the father took this one on himself, and he upgraded the floor model with a new mid driver to match the 2005 speaker, as well as new (2005) crossovers, and new HF and LF five way binding posts. I'm not sure of the actual year/age of the floor model, it may be late 90's to very early 2,000's. They are not a perfect match, but they don't sit side by side (except now when I have them in a spare bedroom) so to my eye it's a reasonable, liveable match. The lighting for the pictures I'm posting here make it look like two completely different finishes almost. When seen together, in any kind of decent light, they are a pretty good match. 20150801_181022_zpsw78nagcr.jpg20150801_181032_zps0ogydevx.jpg20150801_181255_zps0pytczls.jpg In taking these poor pictures of them, I noticed for the first time that there is a ding in the edge of one of them. It looks to have been touched up (not by me), so I presume that was the floor model. It's small, but it's there so I want anyone interested to be aware of it going in.


I have zero interest in shipping these, so I'm looking for pick-up buyers. I'm asking $2,100.00 OBO. I apologize for the quality of the photography!



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