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Solid State amps known to sound good with Klipsch


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I've tried the PS Audio Stellar M700 monoblocks with the matching Stellar Gain Cell DAC (preamp) with my Heresy's as well as my current set of Schiit, dual Aegir amps running balanced mono and Freya + preamp with NOS Raytheon and CBS 6SN7 tubes. I have to say, the Schiit stack goes much better with my Heresy III's than the Stellar stack did. Even with the tube section turned off, the system still sounds great, still better than the Stellar stack. 


I don't see myself selling off the Schiit gear within a year and a half like I did the PS Audio gear. The PS Audio stack just didn't have that hearty sound to it. It lacked soul. It lacked feeling. Not so at all with the Schiit stack. As far as I'm concerned, Schiit and Klipsch Heritage are a match made in heaven. 



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I have Plinius SA 102 with Plinius M8 pre-amp, pure class A 125 watt unless I borrow the other from my hometheatre and mono bloc them, at 700 plus watts it's overkill. 


Also have Innuos Zenith mk3 server streamer feeding my Lampizator lite 7 set dht dac , and VPI white Prime Super Scout turntable , Kiseki Purple heart cartridge, Herron mk2 phono,  cables are Transparent XL reference rca, Revelation audio labs prophecy cryogenic silver rj45  Ethernet cable, wireworld Silver Starlit 8 USB, transparent reference photo,. 


On the tube side have Dared SET VP 845, and just received my  Cary CAD 300 set integrated. 


All with Klipsch Cornwall mk3 special edition, bought just before the mk4 came out. 

Love the drive and power of Plinius in AB mode for    classic rock or alternative rock like Stone Temple Pilots or Pearl Jam, even Classical music benefits from the drive and power of AB. 


In Class A Jazz, small acoustic sets or Mazzy  Star, Cigarettes after sex sound dreamy, John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman's baritone vocals along with any Jazz from this era or early 1950s rock are spectacular! 

Focus and a deeper black or lower noisefloor bring the performance into your room, very similar to my tube SET. 

Buttery smooth tone and scary dynamics, make these  solid-state amplifiers my all time favorites. 


I am considering ordering another Cary CAD 300 set and using them to vertically power my Cornwall, splitting the signal from my dac to Cary left right. 

Any thoughts good or bad?


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Ciao, ho anche avuto la Cornovaglia, sempre guidata con il mio preamplificatore Sansui ma con due amplificatori di potenza Bose serie 1800 2 (uno per canale), è vero che  efficiency è alta ma il loro woofer molto grande ama molti watt .. ... garantisce pugno nello stomaco.
Questi ultimi sono a prezzi bassi ma devi controllare che siano in buone condizioni e il risultato finale sarà eccezionale, senza spendere molti soldi.

Il mio consiglio è di utilizzare l'unità valvolare come preamplificatore e inserire amplificatori a transistor.

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for 2020 - the Yamaha A-S  series stands out as extremely high quality OLD SCHOOL integrated amps   -----on the used market- they area bargain 


and  we also have the Crown higher  end  series amplifiers ---Drivecore series -

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For vintage, I've had two driving my Klipschorns that are outstanding:


NEC A11 Beast! ca. 1983. Took a crap on me and needed an unobtanium module.


Luxman L380. Beautiful sound, flexible, great phono section. Holding in reserve for daughter & son-in-law for when they get a bigger place.

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On 11/27/2019 at 10:48 AM, Deang said:

They are big enough. They need to buy out a reputable company, and then get out of the way. They have the worst reputation in the business when it comes to any of that kind of stuff.


I know your post is nearly a year old, but the content is still accurate.


Although my personal experience with Klipsch electronics has been excellent, the number of credible horror stories prevents me from acquiring more or recommending their electronics to others.  


An old Klipsch iPad dock purchased used off eBay years ago still performs flawlessly when fed a Bluetooth signal.  Two older pair of ProMedia 2.1 are without problems, as are a pair of the Sixes.  I’ve been lucky, but I’d still be reluctant to roll the dice again.



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Does anybody have experience with AVA. Frank Van Alstine, amps? Thinking about his SET 140 and if it would be similar to a First Watt? Seems similar topology to my uneducated understanding. I’m sold on First Watt, but availability and price makes it tricky for me. Thanks for opinions, Ted

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