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Chorus ii speakers and Mcintosh mc7106 for sale Miami/homestead fl area $800

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Hi guys it's been a while but I am back with some kick *** speakers for sale. I want to offer them here first to someone that loves klipsch speakers. They're in great condition maybe a knick somewhere can use a shine on top and one grill is just a bit looser than the other but in person it's not even noticeable ,it's not broken . If u look at the speakers they look great but I just want to mention anything I noticed. If any klipsch head is in the area let me know . I will leave these here for sale for a couple days than its on to the other sites. Any local interest that's ready to buy and not waste my time can call 305 282-5063 Joe, if I don't pick up leave a message and I will get right back to you.

I will sell the mcintosh with shipping included in continental U.S. For $1300 it's in great shape and with new bulbs just installed.








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Chorus II are great speakers. You might want to share your asking price. Best wishes with the sale

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No deal their still available, rather not have to ship .

What do the woofers on the Chorus speakers look like?  I have been wondering since I see the grill cloth in the shape it is. 


Can you provide pictures with the grills removed?




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