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FS: 1973 Verticle Horn Cornwalls - Price Drop

Tom Adams

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Never thought I'd do this, but it's time to scale back and let someone else enjoy that which I have, yet no longer use too much.  Like many of you here I'm gonna let the Klipsch faithful (and those new to Klipsch) have first crack at them.


- Year model:  1973

- Serial No.:  2K655 & 2K656

- Woofers:  Both original and in perfect condition

- Mid Horns: Both original and in perfect condition

- Tweeters: Both original and in perfect condition

- Crossovers:  Rebuilt using Crites components

- Finish: Oiled Walnut.  When I got them they had some minor water stain issues.  I hand sanded to remove the spots, finished sanding both cabinets with progressively finer paper ending at 1500.  I then hand rubbed I think three coat of boil linseed oil and buffed.  There's only one issue on one cabinet that I'm not fond of and that's a bit of Walnut banding coming loose.  Honestly, I've just been too lazy to repair it.  Plus, it's on the lower corner and one can't see it from 3 feet away.  I'd give them a 9 out of 10 for that reason.

- Other:  I installed additional speaker connectors in order to use banana plugs.  However, the original speaker connectors are still in place.  They also have risers.


Asking:  $1000 for the pair, but I'm open to offers.  Just don't insult my Cornwalls (they're sensitive) and say you'll take them off my hands for $800.


I'm willing to negotiate shipping and/or delivery.  I live just outside of Savannah, GA.


Sorry I've not included photos, but the speakers were too shy to have their picture taken.  I think their Dad knows he's trying to find them a good home.  I will post some pics and will email more if you're interested.


Since I don't hang out here much, please email me at one of two addresses:   td3adams@centurylink.net   -or-    tom.adams.iii@gulfstream.com


If you wish to talk, just send me a message and I'll get back to you.





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