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K107TI vs K77M


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Eventually I'll have to time to actually compare them myself but in the mean time I figured I would ask for others opinions...



I currently have a pair of unmodified late Series I Cornwalls with B3's (K33/K57/K77) and I have a pair of K107TI's lying around. I once saw a guy who rear mounted a K107 in a Heresy with pretty decent results and was debating on trying the same thing? 



What are your thoughts?

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In case anyone was curious how they look mounted...

Obviously black on black isn't all that easy to photograph but hopefully it helps?

And with any luck, some time in the next couple days, I'll have time to throw together a little daughter board and actually listen to them...


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the CW are great where they are now with k77's... why the change is the question?


I'm not necessarily against the K77/T35 but I'm also not necessarily for it either...


In absolutely every other application I've come across, I have preferred the Ti diaphragm material over the stock phenolic or poly. So, even though with this application we are just talking about a simple diaphragm swap, I figured I might just try this little switcheroo out? It also didn't hurt that I hard a pair of 107's just lying around and I am prone to doing stuff like this any way...

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Ok, I ran through a couple quick tests... and I was quite surprised by how much quieter the K107 is compared to the K77?!


Basically, without completely modifying the crossover this swap is not possible. Both the mid and low range filters in the B3 are tuned, even if only slightly to the output of the K77 (-3db) . Were I to convert over to a Chorus / CWII crossover I'm quiet positive everything would be hunky dory but I don't really think I feel like doing all of that right now...


I will say that, from what little I did do, the frequency response on the K107 is significantly smoother and extended so it is likely that a completely new crossover (and this swap) will happen in the future. For now though, my Cornwalls are very fun to listen to just the way they are.

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Ok, just as an update...


I ended up coming into a pair of CWIII Rev A crossovers and after wiring one of them up, as you would probably expect, everything sounded much better! And after listening to the K107/K57/K33/CWIII vs the K77/K57/K33/B3, I will definitely be sticking with the K107/CWIII.



Now I guess the question becomes would a K61 sound better than a K57 and will it work inside the CWIII network...? Though this would require a permanent modification to the motorboard.... 

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