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SF-2 thoughts and matching speakers...or not?


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Newbie here...both to HT and to the Klipsch forum.


I'm trying to put together a 5.1 setup for my newly refinished basement home theater. I came across a used set of SF-2s for cheap and am wondering if they still hold up as a solid option and would be worth getting for $100. If so, what would you guys recommend as matching center and surrounds? I'm thinking of an SVS PB-1000 sub (primary use will be movies and video games), and the space is somewhat small (12'x13').


The root of my question is should I pull the trigger on these, and scurry around to find matching speakers (based on your recommendations), or should I wait for black friday and pick up the R-28F and set from Best Buy? Or is there another option I should consider? I know you guys love the reference ii series, but I'm trying to keep the speakers + sub to $1,200 max. With the sub coming in around $500, that leaves about $700 for the 5 speakers. Also note, the wife nixed bookshelf speakers for the front -- so full tower options only :(


Thanks folks. I appreciate any advice you can offer!

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First off, welcome to the forum!


My question back to you would be on your budget...is the $1200 the max that you want to put into the room, or is it the max that you want to spend for right now, but given time and additional funds, you may spend more later on.  I ask as the answer I'd give you would vary. 


If it's the max that you're willing to invest in the room to get a 5.1 setup, then I'd scour Craigslist for a used Reference IV or V setup.  I think you could put together an RF-62 system (maybe even an RF-62ii), for under $700 and possibly even an RF-82 system.  Either of those would be a huge upgrade over the SF.


If it's your max for now, I'd probably aim a little higher up and really only buy the front towers for now.  If you're patient, you may find a pair of RF-63s, or possibly a pair of RF-7s, or CF 3 or 4s...given some time.  All of these would be a great start to a kick *** system.  You could then fill in matching center & surrounds as funds allowed.


Hope at least some of that was helpful. 

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Thanks for the reply, kapsn01.


My max budget is $1,500, but that includes a receiver. I was probably going to nab one of those on accessories4less, and try to keep it under $300 -- which would leave $1200 for the rest. I'm not really looking to just buy a couple things and add to it later. I want to get a full 5.1 setup for that $1,200. I can maybe go a little bit higher than that, but I would want to make sure the bump in quality justifies spending the additional money. So if a $100 speaker is only marginally worse than a $400 speaker, I'd prefer to just go with the $100 one, if that makes sense.


But it sounds like you're saying, even at $100/speaker, the SF-2 is not going to get the job done well enough to justify pulling the trigger -- especially if there is no real rush to build out the set?


I have been keeping an eye on craigslist, but since I live in Kansas City, there aren't a huge number of postings to choose from. The only one that has seemed to be a decent deal is in cherry finish, which isn't aesthetically pleasing enough, apparently :P

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Gotcha. I think I'd stay patient and try to find something in the reference line if I were you. I'd classify the difference between the SF and reference as significant and worth waiting to find the right deal.

Derrick gives good advice, post a WTB in the garage sale section. There are several forum members that scour Crigslist religiously. They'll help you find a good deal. Patience will be key though.

I think you can snag a RF62 system for $700...I've seen several that went for that or less recently. With luck, you may even find an RF82 system.

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