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Axz Hout

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Mach1 -

I appreciate your input and feedback in trying to answer my questions. I admit that much of what you write is unclear to me, and to me your posts seem to bounce around a bit. I am especially confused in what you have written in separate threads on the 15B versus the 15L. I understand your 15L thread is about the K'horn.

If I understand what you have written, the crossovers will take some experimentation; you also seem to think that doing A-to-B comparisons between the standard woofers and the 15Bs would be of benefit (understanding that because the stock woofers are 4 ohm units, that would take major surgery to go back and forth).

I have a separate thread on the development of my system, and you can see pics of the cabinets there. I have the stock woofers, as well as five 8 ohm 15Bs. I am replacing the entire crossovers in all five speakers, so the mismatched five stockers are of no concern.

Again, I do sincerely appreciate your (and everyone else's) input. I look forward to hearing your ideas; type slow so I can understand what you're saying!

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