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You can call me Ali, it's actually my first name. I already own Bose speakers



post-7390-0-68600000-1442843152_thumb.pnHuhhuh huhhuh, huhhuh...he said BOSE!  Huhhuh... :P


Pure joking, Ali.  We joke about Bose around here...though there are a few who take the ribbing and stand by their 901s anyway.  Takes all kinds...



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Welcome to the forum, great to see a full Klipsch HT setup assembled from the start. Well done.  I might offer up one change for your consideration. If you can swing the difference in cost, an option you might want to consider the RP-280FA Tower with Atmos Speaker (vs the non-Atmos RP-280F Tower).


The 280 "FA" is essentially the same as the 280 "F" version, but it already has the integrated ATMOS speaker built into the tower. The Atmos (elevation) speaker with the 280FA has a 6.5" driver... vs a smaller 4" driver with the RP-140SA (add-on module). Jay L (who designed & engineered) both speakers noted that the 280FA has more of a presence that the stand alone RP-140SA.


Since you are starting fresh, the RP-280FA will/should have more of an impact up front, vs adding a pair of the RP-140SA later. However, depending on your room size, the RP-140SA could still fit in & work perfectly in your space. I actually have 4 (2 pairs) of the RP-140SA's in my Atmos HT set up & they perform very well. Good stuff.


The 135wpc x 9ch Pioneer Elite SC-85 will be great choice to drive a 5.1.4 Atmos HT. Congrats !! 

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Hahahhaha thank god i'll be a Klipsh owner now Dave

Thank you Nismo. Yeah i'd definitely go for the RP-280FA's but i think they're a bit out of budget. I'm buying the $3,799.30 bundle. It consists of:

2 Klipsch RP-280F Towers Speakers

1 Klipsch RP-450C Center Speaker

2 Klipsch RP-250S-BLK Surround Speaker

1 Klipsch R-115SW Subwoofer

1 Pioneer Elite SC-85 D3AV Receiver

Do you know if i can get this bundle but switch RP-280Fs for the RP280-FAs? And the pricing?

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5m x 9m x 4m tall (ceilings)... works out to be around:


16.5 feet x 29.5 feet x 13 feet (ceilings)


For upward firing speakers (RP-140SA) Dolby recommends ideal ceiling height to be 7.5 feet to 12 feet (2.286m to 3.657m)


The maximum height Dolby recommends for upward firing speakers is 14 feet (4.267m) 


So at 4m.... (you're near) but still just under Dolby's maximum recommended ceiling height of 4.267m.


Base on your taller ceiling height, you could probably benefit with the RP-280FA vs. the RP140SA. 


A shorter ceiling, 2.4 m (or 8 feet) might not experience a similar benefit of the integrated tower vs the add-on module.


Tough call though, because I'm not sure if it would represent an $800+ benefit.

Sounds like you are getting a great package deal & I'm guessing shipping will be expensive to your location.
Of note, the pair of RP-140's are just under 9 kilograms, in a 18" x 18" x 10" box. If you were to get the RP-280FA'a now,
you wouldn't have the cost to ship the RP-140's separately. Maybe you can search & find a good package deal with the RP-280FA towers. 
It's easy for me to spend other peoples $$$ (lol)... so I was just throwing out the idea based on your space & your tower consideration.
Either way, the RP-140SA's added later will still be an excellent choice. Good luck!
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Since you are thinking of adding the RP-140SA's at a later date, the other option would be to forego the upward firing speaker option & use in ceiling speakers. Based on your 13 foot ceiling height, the in-ceiling route would be an effective option to consider. That way the RP-280F towers would make for a great choice with a package deal. 

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Welcome Ali,

 Sounds like you will have an awesome new system soon. I am just curious are 'in ceiling' speakers possible or practical in your home? I think we here in the U.S. assume all houses are built with wood framing and finished with drywall on the inside. This makes retrofitting things into walls and ceilings relatively easy. But I know from my travels to Peru that not all homes are built this way.

 Again welcome and you owe me a beer. :) 

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Hahahah i think i should stick with add-ons then. Thank you so mucn for your help Nismo.

Hey Babadono. I'm not really sure what the materials of the walls are but i'm not looking for in-ceiling speakers. I'll probably add the RP-140SA's. Thank you for your warm welcome and your beer is on me ☺

Hahahah nope i already am youthman

Thank you prerich ☺

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