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OT: Galvanic corrosion question


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Setup:  I'm plumbing in a new faucet (new as in new copper pipes sticking out of the floor and I'm bringing them through the wall)


By happenstance, I have a 2x4 that will be placed horizontally at the height I'm bringing the copper pipes through the wall.


I have some copper "U" shaped straps that I'm likely to use to secure the pipes to the 2x4.


Can't find my copper nails.  That doesn't matter as I always prefer to use some Simpson screws that I think are 410 stainless. (I love these things!)


Mixing dissimilar metals always crosses my mind as a potential concern.


Will the 410 stainless screws have any reaction to the copper such that over time they will corrode it?


I can buy some plastic straps but I don't want to drive 30 miles round trip if what I have on hand will work.


Anyone know metals?





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You have to have a closed electrical circuit for galvanic corrosion to occur.  In your case, if you simply seal the screws from any moisture getting to them (like painting them after installation), the only concern that you'll have is the copper straps corroding due to moisture build-up on the SS screw head vs. the copper straps.  The wood insulates anything else.


It's cheap and easy to spray paint the screw heads with some kind of primer.



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Wrap the pipe with electrical tape where you strap it.  Done.  You're over thinking this.

or just use a pex tubing to a copper pipe with sharkbite connectors - zero tools or solder - zero corrosion issues - and they are re-usable -



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Thank you Mike,  looks like I'm ok if I read that correctly.


It's the U shaped strap and the screw to hold it that I'm asking about.  If it corroded, the strap could snap and allow more stress on the solder joints.  Taping around the pipe won't help me since that will be copper/copper.



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