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13 hours ago, Maximus89 said:

It's probably the better musical choice, but with the Texas heat and humidity fast approaching, i just cant' bear the thought of my *** and back sticking to my leather seat when i want to relax and relieve stress. I've decided on the recapped mc250! 

If you are searching for a cool running amp, you might contemplate something in  Class D.   I love how digital amps sound on the Epics. 





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Yeah I won't diss class D, but all those guys care about are measurements. Some of the best measuring stuff sounded the worst for me. All the ess Sabre dacs I've heard included.
Some of the worst measuring stuff has an incredible cult following for the musicality but these guys won't give it a chance because of poor measurements. Forget about anything with tubes!
Cables sounding different? The measurements prove otherwise!

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1 hour ago, Shiva said:

It's a good idea when doing a search for Epics, to key in CF as well.  Sometimes more items come up, such as this one.




I drove to the same area 7 hours from me for some CF4 V2s for $1500. I suppose that price is fair in comparison for the magical, mystical V1s of the one-step-down model.

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19 minutes ago, krell101 said:

I wonder if they changed something crossover cf4 V1 and Cf3 V1 since the woofers are not the same . 

Would make sense. The guys that may know are elsewhere.

They will come but meanwhile, if experimenting, I would not be very afraid to try 1 or the other in either speaker. Just me...

Would watch the volume though until you get more information.




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