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NOS Klipsch K-33E Woofers?


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If you have a pair of Klipsch speakers that came with K33's they will sell you replacements. You just have to provide them the serial numbers.


They're parts aren't that badly priced either... The last thing I had to buy was a replacement grill for my CWIII and it was only like $100-110 shipped? 

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Vertical not horizontal.


Cones sag over time.


All I can say, is given a choice between cones that sag and cones that don't... I take the non-sagging pair every time. :)  


The aftermarket can help with sagging cones :D



Except for maybe the Meat Market still to be found, at times, as part of the local bar scene.


But remembering back to my single days of old, frequently there was 'false evidence' on display.  ;)

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