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FS: (3) Klipsch La Scala (Fastrac Wooden Horn Upgrade)


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EDIT: Black La Scala Sold see new post here: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/159993-fs-klipsch-la-scalas-fastrac-crites-xos-1900obo/



I have 3 La Scalas for sale near St. Louis, pickup only.  All horns have been upgraded and will come with sale along with original K-400's.  I do have the crossovers currently upgraded to Crites but they will not be included in the sale as i have another project in mind for them.  However if you would like to have a listen we can arrange so you can see how the puppies sing with the new crossovers.  I also have the original type AA crossovers that will hold their own as well and are no slouch.  I had these setup for home theater LCR and they were amazing.  Currently have 2 setup upstairs in stereo and 1 downstairs in a temporary center channel til i finish my project.  The veneer is starting to peel on the bottoms but overall these are nice pieces and i get complements.  The center channel is painted black as you can see in the photos.  Good pieces install new veneer or paint.  I'm currently doing a DIY project just because and am not getting rid of these for any other reason than me being bored.  I'll post a link to the craigslist add as well.  Looking to get $2400/obo, will consider trades for mono block/pre-amp combo.











Thank you for looking, 


Justin A.

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