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Building a 2-way Klipsch Belle ... Economically to start?


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Sounds like it would be worth it to get a pair of K-55/Atlas PD-5VH mid drivers and call it good. Team those with the K-33's and a pair of Crites or EV tweeters and be done.

That works.


K-33, Crites, or Eminence 15C


Plenty of good tweeters to choose from. B&C, Crites, Eminence etc.


Enjoy your project.





Yes, definitely a lot to choose from.  Thanks for your input, Dave.  

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Seems like when I do searches on the K-77, I get results for upgrading them to the CT120 or 125, B&C DE110/120 with Eliptrac HF, or some other variant.  I know that upper HF response is limited on the K-77's.  I always like the K-77's, and still do, but my own upper HF hearing just isn't what it used to be since I have tinnitus.  I'm over thinking things, most likely.  If I stay go with using the K-55/Atlas driver with a horn similar in size to the stock Belle horn and use a tweeter the size of the K-77, I keep the drivers vertically aligned (not time aligned).  If I go larger mid horn, it puts the tweeters on the inside or outside.  It would seem beneficial to have them vertically aligned....or maybe it doesn't really affect things too bad.

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Yep, been awhile since I started this thread and posted on it.  Belle project is still on and, hopefully, going to begin in the next 30 days or so.  It's been busy with lots of stuff with moms passing from back in January and then an estate sale last month.  Then, rebuilding our back deck and also building an extension a couple weeks back, then prom this past weekend.  Now maybe I can start on the Belle's.  I've pretty much got all of the parts for building them; new pair of K-33 woofers, K-55/K-501's, CT120's, and OEM grill frames, etc.  I'll either rework the Type A crossovers I've got to AA or go to AB-2's.  Anyone have the skinny on AB-3's?  Also bought new saw blades for my table and circular saw....new Diablo blades.  Been pondering on buying a pair of the A-55's and sell the K-55's as that would be all new drivers all around.


I guess I should post a picture of all the parts but I figure most everyone knows what they look like.  Ha.



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